General Tuition Information

Prices listed in the tuition calculation chart are per month.  Tuition payments are due on the first of every month for that month of care.  Tuition covers the cost of staff, insurance, most materials, (exception of some materials for infant care and feeding), snacks and drinks.  If eligible for multiple discounts, only the highest discount will be applied.  Qualifying discount is applied after all third-party subsidies are deducted. 

Additional Fees

Late Pick-up: All children and parents must have exited the building by 6:00 pm daily.  If parents check out their child(ren) after closing time, the following late fee will be charged to the family's account: 

6:01-6:05 pm - $10    6:06-6:10 pm - $20    6:11-6:15 pm - $30 

$15 will be added for every 15-minute interval following 6:15 pm.  If none of the child's emergency contacts have been successfully reached 1 hour past the school's closing time, staff will contact the Ferguson Police Department to take the child home. 

Late pick-up fees will be automatically applied to the family's account the following day.  


Late Payment: Tuition payments are due by the 1st of the month.  If a tuition payment is not made by the 5th of the month, it will incur a late fee of 5%, which will increase an additional 5% if still not made by the 15th.  If payment has not been received by the start of the following month, care for the child will be suspended until all accounts are paid in full. 


Failure to check-in/out:  Continued failure to check your child in or out at the front desk using the electronic kiosk may result in a $5.00 fee, charged to the family's account.  


Methods of Payment 

Our preferred method of payment is via ACH automatic withdrawal or recurring automatic credit card payments.  ACH forms may be obtained at the front desk.  Accounts are automatically charged each month on the first of the month. 

Tuition payment may also be made each month at the front desk (cash or check), at the check-in kiosk (credit card), or online at (credit card).  

Checks should be made out to Step by Step.  Checks returned due to insufficient funds will result in a $30 fine.  

You can check your current balance, make online payments, and print receipts/invoices by visiting and using your email address on file to access your family's account. 


Changes in Tuition

When your child has a birthday, the new tuition rate (if applicable) will take effect on the first day of the following month.  Tuition rates may also be altered each year on the first of July to account for cost of living increases.  


Absences and Tuition Reimbursements

The payment of monthly tuition reserves your child's enrollment spot at Step by Step.  Tuition reimbursement cannot be given for any days your child is sick, on vacation, or absent for any other reason.  Tuition must be paid in full each month in order to maintain your child(rens)'s enrollment, with the following exception: 

* Between the months of May and August, for planned absences lasting one month or longer, families may reserve their child(ren)'s enrollment with the payment of a reduced rate during month(s) of absence.  This reduced rate is equivalent to 25% of their regular tuition rate, based on the child(ren)'s previous schedule of attendance.*  

Reduced rates are subject to any tuition increases applied on July 1 when the fiscal year renews.  Advance notice must be given one month prior to departure to qualify for the reduced rate.  Eligibility for the rate reduction does not apply between the months of September and April, regardless of absence duration. 


Withdrawal Policy 

You can withdraw your child from care at Step by Step at any time and for any reason.  Notice must be given to the director of the school at least 2 weeks prior to your child's termination date.  Any outstanding balances must be paid prior to leaving.  Step by Step will provide reimbursement for any days after termination date for which you have already provided payment.  


Pro-rated Months

If a child enrolls or withdraws in the middle of the month, a modified tuition will be owed or reimbursed, determined using a daily rate.  Daily rates are calculated by dividing the child's monthly rate by the number of weekdays in that month, regardless of closings. 


* New Policy, Effective May 1, 2021.