Our Classrooms

During the school day, Step by Step serves 9 different age groups, each in their own classroom.  Each group is defined in part by the children’s ages, as well as their abilities and developmental readiness.   Decisions about placement are made with consideration of each child’s strengths and where they would thrive and develop to the greatest extent. 

The groups at our school include:        

Infants (approx. 0-12 months)                                Crawling Caterpillars    


Emerging toddlers (approx. 10-18 months)            Blossoming Butterflies 


Young toddlers (approx. 18-28 months)                 Toddling Turtles

Older toddlers (approx. 24-36 months)                  Jumping Jackrabbits

Preschoolers (approx. 30-42 months)                    Running Rhinos

Pre-kindergarten 1 (3-4 years)                               Marching Monkeys       

Pre-kindergarten 2 (4-5 years)                               Leaping Lizards

Pre-K Counts (3-5 years)                                      Hopping Hippos

School-age (kindergarten-5th grade)                    Galloping Giraffes