Step By Step School for Early Learning | Extracurricular Activities

Extracurricular Activities

Step by Step hopes to enhance the lives of all of the children we serve by offering a variety of stimulating activities on a regular basis.  Most of these activities are covered in the cost of your child’s tuition, but there are a few extracurricular, optional activities available that may require additional payment from parents.  These include various field trips that may come up, Tumblebus, and Soccer Shots.  Tumblebus, a “gym on wheels,” is an active and wildly-popular activity for kids!  Tumblebus comes to our school every Friday morning, year-round.  Tumblebus charges a fee of $36 per month for participation.  Please see for more information about the program.  Soccer Shots, another fun and active program for kids, comes to school on Mondays during spring, summer, and fall.  Please see for more information about the program and pricing.