Crawling Caterpillars Room - Infants (approx. 0-12 Months)

In this age group, infants are working on developing close, trusting relationships with their caregivers, producing their first language sounds – from cooing and babbling to their first words, and building the motor skills that will enable them to sit up, crawl, self-feed, and ultimately take their first steps.  Teachers in this room focus on giving each infant lots of love and physical contact, plenty of visual, tactile, and verbal stimulation, and meeting the needs of each infant to ensure optimal growth and development.  The daily schedule in the Caterpillars group is on-demand and needs-based.  In other words, infants are fed when showing signs of hunger, put to bed when showing signs of sleepiness, and stimulated when active and alert.  This group will generally have a class-size of 12-15 infants, with 3-4 teachers.

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